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step into begin end block while debugging in toad oracle


How to debug block of script in toad? Debugger just steps over the begin end block!

--I can put debug point right here
--But not in begin end block!
--Cant see no debugging from here
  Declare ...
  Select ...
      -- some code      


--To here!
--Now debugger works here!
Update ...


I think I’ve run into this as well with the new support for the JDWP debugger in the latest version of Toad. Work-around for now is to place a break point in your code (probably at least at the first executable line). Debugger will stop there, and then the Step-through icons should appear to help you navigate the code, step over, step into, etc. Hope this helps.


This is the same question as posted here. As @GTDG mentioned it’s because there is no way to step into the block of code from the debugger.