Toad Debugger - Toad for Oracle 9.7.2

I have loaded a simple PL/SQL function into the editor and tuned on debugging. I have set some breakpoints in obvious places.

When executing with debug the code is not stopped at the breakpoints. Any Ideas. I have looked at all the documentation that I could drag up on the net, but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated. I am to the point where I am believing that debugger is not supported on this version. I seems odd that I have valid icons showing etc…

Thank you.

Make sure you are putting the breakpoints on executable lines.

If you add a breakpoint to a comment for example, that won’t be honored.

Do you see the little blue dots in the gutter space? Those blue dots indicate
executable lines.

Maybe you could send a screenshot or a sample of your code?

Did you recompile with debug information or just press the debug icon? If you
didn’t recompile the procedure, there won’t be any debug information available.

And make sure to press step into and not just have it run … sometimes just
doing a run can make it less obvious when all these other items are not done
properly ….