Still griping...

I wasn’t able to cancel our purchase order for the 4 copies of Toad for Sybase (Basic edition). We got them and try to use the product, but, as you know from my previous posts, there are a few necessary items missing. We use SQL Central to create and alter procedures, functions, and events. Also to trigger events. We use Toad for formatting queries and editing of data. We would like to do everything from within Toad. Not happening soon enough. And my credibility with my management is affected because I pushed this purchase through. Thanks for that.

On a good note, the FREE version for SQL Server is great.

Why isn’t there a free version for SQL Anywhere? The free version for Sybase won’t connect to SQL Anywhere. Thanks for that, too.

Still not happy.


Hello Larry,

I apologize for the issues. Although I cannot do anything about the purchase I will still like to help out. Please send me an email at

Michael Garza