Strip out formatting tags

This is in a CLOB field. How do I select this without all of the formatting?

Here is an example:
%3CP%3EFirst Victim Contact made by worker, Beverly Spears. Narrative as follows:%3C/P%3E %3CP class=MsoBodyText style=%22MARGIN: 0in 6pt 0pt 6.05pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 99%; TEXT-INDENT: 0.5pt%22%3E%3CFONT color=#000000%3E%3CFONT size=3%3E%3CFONT face=%22Times New Roman%22%3E1/5/18@%3CSPAN style=%22LETTER-SPACING: -0.5pt%22%3E %3C/SPAN%3E5:45%3CSPAN style=%22LETTER-SPACING: 0.35pt%22%3E %3C/SPAN%3Ep.m.%3CSPAN style=%22LETTER-SPACING: 0.6pt%22%3E %3C/SPAN%3Eworker%3CSPAN style=%22LETTER-SPACING: 1.7pt%22%3E %3C/SPAN%3Efollowed%3CSPAN style=%22mso-font-width: 97%%22%3E %3C/SPAN%3EMr.%3CSPAN style=%22LETTER-SPACING: 0.95pt%22%3E %3C/SPAN%3Eand%3CSPAN style=%22LETTER-SPACING: 1.45pt%22%3E

This formatting is just the tip of the iceberg. I only copied the 1st 9 lines in a 5 page word document that I pasted everything into. And I just found the one that fills 217 pages.

If I had to do a nested replace sequence, am I limited on the number of nested items?

Also what is the maximum number characters that you can do a "like" on?