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Word wrap / formatting

Using TOAD for Oracle DBA Suite.
In Editor mode, I have PL/SQL codes for a VIEW. One of the lines is 900+ characters long. TOAD formats it correctly and beautifully. However, it doesn’t seem to retain the word wrap format when compiled.

The effects: The procedure that uses that views has an error ORA-06512.
On the other hand, if we format and execute the view in SQL Plus, we do not get that error.

So it seems to me, what TOAD has on editor is only visual deep and doesn’t retain the formatting on compilation / save. Is there a setting I can set to keep the formatting when compile / save exactly what I see on editor?


I probably should note that if I type the codes on Editor, then compile, it will work as I had typed it (all the carriage returns remains).

However, if I view the codes in Schema Browser, then click on Copy Script to an Editor Window button to go to Editor, then hit compile without changing anything (even right after I got it to work on previous carriage returns), then it’ll fail.

Also, I was able to re-create the issue if I copy the codes in Schema Browser and paste it on Editor myself. Same situation, if I compile; then it’ll give me an error as well.