Subtotal within a Toad Report

Hello - I have a Toad report with a detail section and a grand total in the report footer. I want to add a subtotal on one of the fields, but I’m not seeing how to accomplish this.

I’ve tried added a group header and footer band, but that is not giving me what I need.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated.


Toad for Data Analysts includes a sample project. The “ItemsPerWarehousw.tdr” and “CustomerOrders.tdr” reports are samples that have subtotals. Connect to the Toad Sample Database under the Access connection. Then double click on either report. This will run the report. In the tool bar there is a Design Report button that will send this report to the designer. Once you are in the designer you can see how the report is made. There is a detail band for the subtotals. Here you add the data column to be subtotaled. Click on the column and you will see a small arrow on the top right. Clicking on the arrow will bring up a column editor. Use the Summary attribute to invoke the summary editor. There are a variety of functions that can be added to a column, sum being one of them.

See the screenshots in this posting.