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I’m new to the world of Data analyst, wanted to know how to create parameterized reports ?
I tried looking into the help but could not find much about reports, or any tutorial
that talks about bands, various report sytles etc.
Is there a seperate doc, help available for building the reports ?
If any one knows, plz let me know.

Thanks in advance !
harshad mark

Attached is a Quick Start Guide for the next release. It contains a section on Reports that gives you some help on this topic. Also in your project manager there are three Toad Sample Reports. (CustomerList, CustomerOrders and ItemsPerWareHouse) These run against the Toad Sample Database under the Access connection.

To add parameters to your report just use parameters in your query prior to sending to the Toad Data Report designer. When running the report it will ask you to input the parameter values.

ToadforDataAnalysts_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf (779 KB)

Everything was going fine until I got to page 24 STEP 3. Step 1a. Said to select the Styles field in the properties pane. I could not find the properties pane. Can you point me to it.

In the properties window, scroll down until you see a styles area. Expand this and click on the one that says collections. This will bring up the collecitons editor. Add the styles you want. Then assign each object you want to the named style.


I’m sorry to ask this but I just don’t know. What or where is this properties window. I search the tda help and it has nothing on it. I have no idea where it is.

I will respond privately.

Great document Debbie, is there a newer version?