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Suggestion: Context Menu: Format Syntax

Greetings Team.

I come from using Toad for Oracle, so I had expected that every Toad product would have many of the features that I commonly used. I may have more Toad Data Point interface suggestions, as a result of my coming from that tool.

I would like to request a “Format” option for the Context Menu in toad Data Point. Here is the suggestion, taken from Toad for Oracle:

Please add this, as I believe there’s basically only one language in use within the editor. I may be wrong, but really, it seems like there should be a way to right-click and format the code you just cranked out.

NOTE: I tried to post images of the location of the suggested change, and they did not post. I’m not sure if all images are suppressed, but I figured I’d make a quick note here.

Huh, strange. I presume you added the images using the “Use Rich Formatting” interface, then click the Insert/Edit Media button?

If it helps, you can send the images directly to me at

No, I copied the screen to the clipboard, and simply inserted it. The image was present until the post was submitted.

As I just did with the above.

Here is one I put in the email:

Greetings Debbie.

Thank you for your input and for pointing out how to attach image files using the GUI; however, the image is allowed into the rich text editor directly. You can try it out by simply taking a copy of any image and trying to paste it directly into the RTF interface.

I propose having someone see if they can get it so that any image pasted into the interface would work, without having it be a separate file attachment. It seems like the payload is either being ignored, or something isn’t configured correctly.


I did talk to the administrator of this site. He said copy and paste of image is not supported. There is an outstanding enhancement for this but it is not scheduled at this time.

Thank you for following up!

On your original issue: Could this be what you want?

Greetings Ryan.

That looks like the format painting type of tool that I’m expecting to be present in the context menu.

Can that be added to the context menu? This will help the Toad brand have a similar look and feel.

I would also suggest that both the context menu list and the format painter icon should have added “New Format” or “Formatting Options” which will take the user directly to the configuration area for the formatting options.

Thank you for showing me where the icon is.

Please do consider the improvement suggestion for the context menu and format options link.