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Formatting SQL statements (Editor > Format Code)

My question applies to Toad for SQL Server. I use the following TOAD products, all 64-bit, but I'm finding that TOAD for SQL Server is not consistent with the other two TOAD products listed below:

TOAD for SQL Server, version Xpert
TOAD for Oracle, version Xpert
TOAD Data Point, versions* and

Often times, I need to deal with very long SQL statements, that are shown on a single line. Both TOAD for Oracle and TOAD Data Point 5.0 (but not version 4.3) allow me to format the SQL statement using the menu option: Edit > Format Code (in TOAD for Oracle) or Editor > Format Code (in TOAD Data Point 5.0). Will this capability be added soon to TOAD for SQL Server?

Note: I just haven't gotten around to removing version 4.3 of TOAD Data Point yet.

Thank You,

Tom Wickerath
Flight Test Engineering
The Boeing Company

You might need to show us a screen snap... Toad/SQL Server has had formatting for years.
Here's a screen snap of the latest version...

Hi Gary,

I just discovered two things:

  1. Your reply, which you apparently made on the same day I posted my question--however, I didn't receive any notification that a reply had been posted.

  2. How to get this functionality to work--it is not exactly intuitive in my opinion.
    My screen shot is similar to what you show, with the same (7) options. I just discovered, quite by accident, that the functionality works if I just click on "Format Code" without clicking on one of the (7) options. That's the part I do not consider intuitive....can't the functionality be written such that selecting one of the options, such as Short Format, also causes the procedure to work?

Tom Wickerath