Suggestion for CodeXpert

Currently, it is possible to run the CodeXpert for a single piece of code through the CodeXpert desktop panel, or for a group of items through the CodeXpert available from the database menu.

However, the options for selecting objects to analyse in the latter method are limited to ‘All Objects’ or a subset of these objects (views, pacakges, etc).

Unfortunately, if you’re working in a schema which has many database objects, clicking on the ‘My Objects’ option can cause Toad to hang.
We’re using Oracle e-Business suite, and the APPS schema has over 36000 packages! Imagine what happens when you try and load these into the CodeXpert!

I think this option needs some additional filters adding - we can’t currently run a codeXpert scan on all of our bespoke code as this all resides in the APPS schema. If we could restrict to packages names ‘XX%’ we’d be able to use it easily.
Maybe the CodeXpert should also have some sort of user sensible upper limit so its not even possible to try and load 36000 packages.

As I’d never used this before, I guessed I would be presented with some filters when I clicked ‘My Objects’, but was not, and so had to kill my Toad session altogether.

Just an idea.



We’re planning on a total rewrite of CodeXpert for the next release. This is one
of MANY things that we’re looking at changing/fixing.