Suggestion: Truncate Table

Greetings Team.

When I use Toad for Oracle and I choose to TRUNCATE a table using the GUI, there is a prompt to “Drop” or “Reuse” and this is not the case in Toad Data Point. This means that the data should be preserved in the UNDO table space.

This is not the case for Toad Data Point. I suggest that there be a prompt added to the TRUNCATE call from the GUI that asks “Send as DELETE?” or something similar, so as to preserve the flashback capabilities, by maintaining the removal of data in the UNDO space for Oracle environments. Further, there may be other database systems that have a similar treatment of DELETE versus TRUNCATE.

Please consider this addition.


Why not just use delete when you want to be able to roll back a change. I like Truncate, it is for the bold (not the wimpy), there is no getting the data back after a Truncate. It is fast, reliable and no prompts (I don’t want this asking a question in an automation job).

Greetings Greg.

I’m referring to the GUI experience for the “Truncate” icon.

The same icon in a different Toad product, Toad for Oracle, has a different user experience. This should likely be corrected so that the icon is treated the same across products in the same branded line.


Hi Jeremy

Good point! I agree that the icons have to be consistent between all Toad products and create QAT-7052 to track the issue.