Support for DB2 on iSeries


I just wanted to confirm that DB2 on the iSeries isn’t supported in Toad Data Modeler. Is this correct understanding? If so, do you have any plans on adding support for this?


Hi Ben,

Yes, I confirm that DB2 on iSeries is not supported in Toad Data Modeler. This request has already been raised and is registered under CR # 38 563.
Let me inform you that we do not plan to support it in the near future, this taks has low priority.

Thank you for understanding.

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I read your answer that in 2008 DB2 was not supported.
Is it supported now?


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Toad Data Modeler 3.6 now contains support for

  • DB2 z/OS 9
  • DB2 v 9.7 LUW
  • DB2 v 9.5 LUW
  • DB2 v 9 LUW
  • DB2 v 8 LUW

Other versions of DB2 are not supported, however you can take advantage of Universal DB/ANSI model that allows you to connect to any “unsupported” and reverse engineer database structure. Then you can either generate HTML/RTF/PDF report or, in case you wish to generate SQL, convert the model to supported version of DB2 (there will be some differences, but in some cases it can be sufficient solution). Note that no driver for unsupported database is distributed with TDM.