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Support for SQL Server 2016

With SQL Server 2016 being released tomorrow, do you have a timeline for when Toad Data Modeler might be able to support it?


Hi there,

Support for SQL Server 2016 should be implemented in Toad Data Modeler version coming out sometime in autumn, after the currently upcoming one (6.0). The support could be also included sooner, in one of the future Beta versions.



Thanks! I’ll be interested to see how you handle the temporal structures. Looking forward to it.

Hi Lukas, just wanted to check back in now that 6.0 has been released and see if you have a better idea of a timeline for 2016 support.

Thanks much.

Hi Mikey,

support for SQL Server 2016 was added to the both current Beta (x64/x32) versions and will be also implemented in Toad Data Modeler 6.1 coming out in autumn. Beta version is available for download here in the Beta community site. Feel free to download it and please let us know if experience any issues with the SQL 2016 implementation by posting to the Beta forum.

Thank you