Toad Data Modeler v5.3 Just Released!

Toad Data Modeler v5.3 is now available. If you are an exisiting Toad Data Modeler customer you can download the new release via Toad Data Modeler v5.3 now includes support for SQL Server 2014, IBM DB2 LUW 10.5, and Windows 8.1 Pro (64 bit). We’ve added lots of improvements to the user interface and more productivity enhancements to make you more productive then ever.

Would have been nice if that release had included support for PostgreSQL 9.3 (released a year ago) e.g. for the newly introduced Materialized Views.


PostgreSQL 9.3 was considered for 5.3, but the other DB platforms new versions support (SQL Server 2014 and DB2 10.5 (LUW)) received higher priority. Support for PosgreSQL 9.3 is seriously considered for TDM 5.4 and may be already a part of some Beta release before the official commercial version is released.



This seems to be a quite buggy version. I worked with it for about 1 hour and it crashed three times. I was mainly doing model compares (with a rather large model). But it also crashed when I simply tried to open a 5.2 model.

The exact version is

Btw: what happens with all the bug reports that I send after such a crash?

I will have go back to 5.2 for now.


thanks for your feedback. The bug reports received are analyzed periodically, but not on a daily basis.
We found the bug reports you sent us and it looks like you clicked File | Open | Project… and then tried to open model file, instead of project file. I added new change request to our system. Item TDM-865 will be fixed in version 5.4 and a nice message will be shown instead of error.

To avoid similar problems and to open model file, either click File | Open | Model…. or click the Open icon on toolbar.


Re comparison of large models: there seems to be a problem with indexes and assigned entity attributes in one of the models. Unfortunately without the models we won’t be able to provide details.
Please enable Expert Mode and make sure both the compared models are valid. Instructions can be found here:

Thank you,

Vaclav & TDM Team

Thanks for the answer. There were indeed several errors in the migrated model. I will see if repairing the model fixes the crashes.