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Sync Toad Settings via Cloud Services

I’m a consultant who has Toad for SQL Server installed on two separate machines. One is my Desktop I use at home, the other a Surface Book which I take to client sites. I’d like to be able to sync the following settings via Dropbox or OneDrive.

  • Connections
  • Auto-replace
  • Formatter
  • Snippets
    I tried following the instructions at the following link for sharing snippets:

I created a share on my dropbox and set Toad to use the share under Options | Environment| Network Share. I then created a new snippet and saved it. When I right click the snippet, and select “Send To” there’s an option for “Shared Toad” that is grayed out. I tried multiple things to get this to work.

Does this functionality only work over a standard network?

How do I share the other settings seemlessly?


The “Send To” button doesn’t work now, so it was removed from the latest version.

Toad maybe will support some way to share and support publish. But these will not include in 6.7 version.

For now, we can export snippets.

Or, Toad save these user data in below path:

Click Help -> About…->Application Data Directory

can open the directory.

Hope this can help.