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Syntax Error highlighting


i’m running SQL Nav

When I execute a block of a sql, that containts an error Navigator ‘hides’ / changes the word colour where the error occured so the problem is no longer visible in the sql editor. Only once you click with your mouse inside the editor, does it appear in red.

Consider the example below:
Select dummie,
From dual;

When executed, the output is [1]: ORA-00904: “DUMMIE”: invalid identifier

The SQL in my sql window however now looks like this (dummie not visible):
Select ,
From dual;

When I click anywhere inside my SQL window, the colour of ‘dummie’ changes to red.
Select dummie,
From dual;

However, this only happens when my background colour of my sql window = Classic. The other backgrounds seem to highlight the incorrect syntax differently.

Please let me know if you want me to attach any visual help.

Kind regards,

Hi Annelize,

Yes, this has been been raised earlier by Jet, but we have overlooked it earlier.

We can confirm that there are issues with the syntax highlight with the custom style where the background and foreground colors are not set correctly and they are clashed :-(.

As per your note, please use the classic style o avoid this issue. We will get it addressed in the first v6.5 beta drop soon.

Thanks and regards,

Thank you Bruce, this helps!

Thank you, this now works in SQL Nav 6.5
CR Number: 12,464