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Is there a reason why when I use the code explorer to view one of my packages that some of the functions and procedures in the package are RED. Even though the status of the package is valid. I have the same package in several databases and only in one does it appear this way. The package compiles and run fine.

We believe the issue is caused by parser, which has problems in recognizing some strings (specially if they are related to Oracle key words) in object names while displaying them in Code Explorer of Stored Program Editor. Although it is strange that it appears that names in red are displayed only on some databases. We need to investigate this in more details. I will raise a change request on your behalf for future release.

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I’ll check with the parser team in the meantime Andrew Message was edited by: twhite

Thanks Tom but in this case it is an internal parser SQL Navigator is using.

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swit, can you send us the code for that package? It might help us pinpoint the exact issue in the code. (If the package is not something you feel comfortable posting here in the community, send it to me in a Private Message.)

If we can pinpoint the bug soon enough, this is probably something that can be addressed in an upcoming beta build…

Sorry your forum will not allow me to attach the files. I have on that is a word doc and sql file with the ddl. The forum tells me content type not allowed. Email me and I will email you the sql and word doc.


swit, we have certain restrictions on the file types that we allow for upload. Unfortulately, .sql is not one of them (I’m assuming that’s the extension). If you want to zip the files first and then attach them, that should work.


Duh! I should have thought about zipping it to start with.
Here ya go. (162 KB)

Hello swit,
Thank you very much for sending in the files. We can see the same issues here with your script.

We will look into it and will keep you posted soon.

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Swift,

Our apoligies for not being able to get the fix to you yet.
We have looked at this issue, we could reproduced the issues with some of the objects here as well. A request has been raised on your behalf. Due the risk involved with the work involved with the parser and the time constraints, we will have to pull this out from the 5.5 release. We will try to get this to you in an early Beta build post 5.5.

Thank you for your feedback and continued support to SQL Navigator &Quest.

Best regards,