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Syntax/language TDA connected to Exel

Hello Debbie,
Thought I would post this followup to my question yesterday titled: Using Oracle SQL query language while connected to Exel spreadsheet Posted: Feb 16, 2012 4:19 PM

Just a thought,

…a selling point of TDA is cross-platform connections, connections todissimilar databases. Sure would make things easier if TDA allowed a user touse the same language syntax for the platform it is installed on, for examplein my case Oracle, so a user wouldn’t have to know or learn different SQLsyntax for the multitude of different databases one might connect to. Just likelanguage, I speak and write english and it would be very time consuming for meto try and communicate and/or learn a different language.

It is kind of like someone saying "isn’t it great, you can talkto the Chinese and the Japanese, and the Germans and the Italians with thiswonderful new product" But as it turns out, as long as youlearn Chinese, Japanese, German and Italian you will be able to talk to them,but if you don’t, then you’re all speaking different languages…as the oldsaying goes, "that’s Greek to me"

So when connected to Excel, seems like TDA should translate theOracle SQL commands to something Excel understands or better yet, when TDAconnects and brings in the Excel file it is converted so Oracle SQL (myplatform) syntax can be used on it. Time intensive and inefficient to have tolearn the different syntax of the platforms one is connected to.