Syntax question

I know this will probably be the dumbest question ever, but i am new to TOAD and those i work with have never used before either. I am trying to do something very simple (get a table's row count) and have tried every way i know how to do it and keep getting either error messages or it just runs and runs and runs. i have attempted to use the user guide, but no luck finding what i need there. No luck googling, though i may not be wording it right. Could i be making a syntax error with my statement or is there something else i may be missing.

Hi Angela, Welcome to the forum!

There are a few ways to get row count easily that I can outline. In Toad you can r-mouse click on any table in the object explorer and choose "View Details" and this will bring up information about that table that typically includes row count. You can also do a quick query to get to row count. Here is a quick video on both of these methods - How to get row count in Toad Data Point.mp4 - Google Drive

Sorry, this would be for oracle or sql, not sure about Data Point.
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM my table;