T Script Mgr - all output for multi connections are from last DB/Schema?

I am fairly new to ‘script manager’ functionality and am trying to test running a single script across several db schemas.

In my test, I have added 2 ‘connections to execute against’ and when I run the selected script, the ‘messages’ indicates that it does do 2 connections, but the ‘output’ and '‘grid’ results are the same for both ‘bottom tab’ script executions.

Has anyone run across this before. As mentioned, I would like to be able to maintain model changes across schemas and am testing to see if ‘script manager’ will do the job. It appears it is trying.

Anything I’m missing?

thanks in advance,


just to make sure we’re on the same page - the bottom-most tabs (“sub” tabs) are
the ones which represent the output from the different connections. you have to
switch between them to see different results in the upper Ouput/Grid tabs: