Script Manager - Missing functionality

When you run Script Manager against multiple schemas, (in my example I run scripts against 20 schemas), the Output tab stores all of the results in sub tabs - one for each schema. However, there's no single button option to close those sub tabs / clear them. Which means, if you wish to do so, it's a laborious task. Can you add a "Clear All" button please?

Also, unless I'm mistaken, there seems to be no way of saving the list of connections as a named connection set. I have to run scripts on different sets of schemas, it would be good if I could save those and give them a name and be able to select the connection list I need for a given task.

Hi Paul.

Those are good ideas. We are getting close to release for 16.0, so I think it's too late for that now, but I'll log it and I should be able to add that for 16.1.

BTW, maybe a possible workaround would be to use Automation Designer? A connection iterator with your script under it?


Hi John

I'll give that a try, thanks.


Hi John

I tried this, but the only problem is I want a single file with all of the outputs in, but it appears the output gets cleared for each connection, so you only end up with the last output. It would be useful if there were a way of appending data to the file, rather than overwriting, when running under a connection iterator. Or at least name the output file based on the script + connection, not just script.


Hi Paul,

I haven't found a way to get all output in a single file, but I was able to get one file per connection like this:

You can right-click in the "Directory" edit box and choose "Variables" to get a list of possible variables.

(hmm, that should say "File" not "Directory". I'll fix.)


Hi John

Yes, I noticed the "Directory" misnomer. Thanks for the workaround.

I run several scripts across 30-100 connections, so it would be really good if there were a way to append to a single document or clipboard though. It seems an obvious requirement, given there are iterators a script can run under, wouldn't you think?

Many thanks as always

Yes, I can add an "Append" option.
When I add that, you'll need to make sure that the file does not exist before the app is run. You could do that with a "delete file" action at the very beginning.

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