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Table Maint - Constraints Tab

Toad Version 64 bit on Windows 10 desktop.

changed a primary key constraint data order for a single attribute from Asc to Desc. But constraint columns widow towards the bottom of the screen remains "Asc". Even if you close the screen and come back, the constraint columns display remains as "Asc".

I'm seeing the same behavior, but now I'm wondering if Toad might not be doing this for a good reason, as there could be negative impact on your SQL Server, especially regarding fragmentation of the index that serves your primary key.

See the following, for example:

Thanks Gary
Glad you can confirm this behaviour.

Whether or not creating a descending primary key is a good or bad thing is beside the point and Toad should not be “nudging” us in any particular way here.

The facts are : after creating the descending key in the Contraints tab, the script for the table create actually does contain ’DESC’ and will behave as desired. YET TOAD CONTINUES TO DISPLAY ‘ASC’.

that is a bug.

William Scollard

Agreed, duly noted, and Dev made aware. Thanks for bringing to their attention.