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Table-Valued functions are not displayed in Toad

Hi there,

I'm new with TOAD for SQL Server. Maybe I'm unseeing. But I'm unable to find my table-valued functions in my databases. There are only scalar-valued and system functions visible. Also intelisense doesn't offer me this type of functions for auto completion.

Any suggestions for me?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Toad/SQL Server community, Manuel.

I'm able to see my user-defined functions, including those that return table types, per the snap below. One thing threw me for a loop, and that is that i thought i was creating the UDF in one database, where, in fact, it showed up in my default database, so took me a few huh?'s to find it. :slight_smile:

However, I can't get the code completion to display possible table-valued functions in context either. I'm guessing this is an enhancement. Hope this helps a little.

Good morning Gary :wave:

Thanks for reply. You are right. Not all TV-Functions seems to be affected
Here a Screenshot from SSMS

...sorry I'm not allowed to upload multiple Images

And here the same from Toad (latest Version, downloaded and installed yesterday)


...And while I'm writing this... I'm an idiot. :man_facepalming:
My UDF is here, but truncated, cause the long name and the column size of "Name" in treeview.

The full name of [udf_Device_Server_Win] should be [udf_Device_Server_Win_Missing_Required_SW]

May be it would be a future enhancement if such names get complemented with "..." if the got truncated :slight_smile: