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Toad for oracle sql editor sintax helper


is there any way in toad to see the column names when writing a sql query in the editor???

i mean for instance when i write select statement i can see in a listview with the available tables writing the first word of a table

Hello christof

I would recommend you download the latest version of toad 10.6.1 as this version as this version has the feature you are seeking.

thank you paul for the replay!!! are you know any link or torrent for free download of this edition of Toad??? i searched in web but i did’t found anything

well this is limitted edition and unfortunatelly i can not find any torrent with crack

On 12/04/11 11:14, christofer wrote:

Message from: christof

well this is limitted edition and unfortunatelly i can not find any
torrent with crack

I cannot believe that you would ask for a cracked version of Toad 10.6
on the very list that most of the Toad developers hang out on. The word
“moronic” springs to mind at this point! (ok, that’s one of the wrods
that sprang to mind, I can’t get the others past the email profanity

I have a funny feeling you won’t be on this list much longer, but before
you go, you don’t need to use illegal software. You can go to and download the latest FREE version of Toad.

Yes it has limits, yes it isn’t as all singing and all dancing as the
latest full version, but it’s free for use. And, virus free unlike some
of the cr4p that is out there “cracked”.

On the subject of cracked versions of Toad, how would you like it if
your work products were stolen by people? I suspect you wouldn’t. Just
because Quest is a big company, doesn’t make theft right, proper or legal.


Norm. [TeamT]

Here’s a good link for you.

Just fill out the form with all your information and you’ll get everything that’s coming to you.

At least he’s an honest thief?

I gave him enough time to read your excellent post Norm. He’s gone now.

i downloaded the freware toad 10 but i still can not see this feauture i mean when i sintax an sql query i still can not see the fields and the tables . maybe have to set it up somewere ???