Tad for Oracle Beta - - Oracle 12.2 syntax not recognized


when using Oracle 12.2. syntax for Row limiting clause, row using this syntax are marked with syntax error.

Example: row #10 is marked by code editor with syntactical error:

select e.id employee_id

,e.first_name first_name

,e.last_name last_name


when exists (select 0

from org_unit u

,department_unit d

where u.id = d.org_unit_id

and d.id = e.department_unit_id

fetch first 1 rows only

) then ‘N’

else ‘Y’

end edit_allowed

from employee e

Please fix this in next version.

Thank you.

see https://community.toadworld.com/products/toad-for-oracle/f/10/t/35222

it’s logged

In addition I raised QP-2914.