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TDA 2.6 - Viewer - Script Tab Fails for Oracle DBs'



The following message is returned when “Script” is selected in the Viewer Window

The requested database object information has not been retrieved.
Object information is retrieved by SYS.DBMS_METADATA.
Check to see that you have privileges for this package.

But in previous versions of TOAD (e.g. Toad For Oracle) this same function works fine (using same databases / and authentication)

We have multiple databases - on is on 10g
another on

Any thoughts?

As mentioned - I am surprised by thuis because in Toad for Oracle this function works with absolutely no problems - but in TDA this seems to berak


Toad for Oracle and TDA are different code bases. Toad for Oracle generates the DDL manually. TDA is using the DBMS_METADATA package from Oracle. To use this you need to have the proper privileges.

Try doing a right click from the object explorer and choosing generate SQL | to Editor | Generate DDL. This may not be using this package.