TDA cannot handle exporting over 2 million rows

Well, I am sure there is a bug fix for this, but TDA just won’t allow me to export even into Access over 2.5 million rows. It will display the data (up to 1000 default rows) but when I try and export it all into Access for further analysis, I get System.OutOfMemoryException error. It asks if I am sure I want to load over 1.2 million rows into memory and I said YES, but if I say no TDA actually culls the remainder of the data to allow it to be exported. So I said yes, but of course it crashed.
This surely can be fixed because Oracle Discoverer for example, can handle exporting this amount and more.

It sounds like you are using a right-click send to Export Wizard from the Data Browser Data tab. What version of TDA are you using? Earlier versions were inefficient in this area. Please try going to the Tools | Export Wizard and using a Query type export. Enter your query here and let export execute the query during export. If you are not using TDA 2.6 please down load.

Let me know either way how this goes as we are currently working on appending to Access tables.


Hi Deb. Our TDA version is Thanks for that tip. I’ll try it today and if it works, close this question.