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TDM 5.0: DDL Skript trigger error


After Installation of TDM 5 I cannot create the DDL script for the triggers any more. (i.e DDl Skript for SQL Server 2008)

I get the following error:

Internal Error, Script: FmPERGenerator, Description: Interface not supported, Row 45, column 5 Callstack: FmPERGenerator from package Physical Entity Relationship Model.

The error occurs when I want to create the Trigger statements only and do not have the entity checkbox checked. When I check the checkbox for the entities, it works. But then I have the create table and create trigger statements all in one file (which I do not want to) .

Regards, elke


unfortunately this is a bug that needs to be fixed in application (no workaround via modification of system packages exits). New change request CR#112065 was created and Toad Data Modeler version 5.2 BETA will contain fix for the problem.




The issue has been fixed for BETA 5.2.3 coming soon.