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TDM 5.5 formatted XML TXP file contains very long line


We have our TXP files Configuration Management in Rational Clearcase.

Using the formatted XML option we have stored these as text files.

Now we have upgraded to TDM 5.5 we can no longer check the TXP file in.

We have traced this to a very long XML line () in the section.

How can we either format this line OR remove it so we can check the file in.

I would prefer not to have to change the Clearcase file type to binary.

Hi Malcolm,

Unfortunately, there is no way to modify this behavior in the present. A workaround is to use some sort of XML formatter tool (e.g. XMLPro) and additionally format the SerializedGenerator tag in the model file. We have created a CR to address this issue in the future - TDM-1990.

Thank you for your report!