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TDP 3.2 - Adding error bars to graph

I was wondering if there is a way to add custom error bars to a series in a graph in a Toad Report? I’ve looked at every series setting that I can find but haven’t found a way to do y or x error bars on the Point, Line, or Bar plot types.

getting error while opening toad export file .txp (please create a connection sa@amol-pc in connection manager) please help me.

Where did you get the txp file? If you created it yourself, during creation, you had a connection called sa@amol-pc in connection manager. It seems gone or modified.

You can connect to an working connection and open the template, it will detect that you are using a different connection than the saved one in the template, click yes on the prompt “Use the current connection?” and and save the template again.

Hope this helps.