TDP 3.6 One Off Build !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!

My one off build stopped working because the license ran out. I need a new trial key. It won’t allow me to use our current license since it won’t allow the ‘Site Message’ to be entered.

There should be a little scroll bar in the area where you can get the site message area to appear. I see this every once in a while. Also sizing the window may help. I assure you the site message is available.

I can see the ‘Site Message’ - it won’t edit. It says Trial lincesne. I can’t ‘add’ a new one as that also has ‘Trial License’ that can’t be edited. Even after entering the license, that field won’t allow editing so the license is ‘Invalid’. Can I just get a trial license? One that will last a until the new offcial version comes out?

Then we did not give you a commercial version. Please show me the post or send me the email where you got the link for download.

Can I get a trial license for what I have and worry about anything else later? My users require their reports. There was key in there yesterday as I was checking on how long I had. Which made me think about version 3.5 on my machine. I added our commercial license to that - maybe it affected version 3.6 Either way, there was a key in there - I would like to re-enter that and get today’s reports to my users. After that I would be happy to get anything else needed to find the cause.


Please try this one-off build, it will accept your key…/