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[TDP 3.6] Oracle Stored Procedures - Create, Alter but Cannot Execute...

I’ve always thought it was odd with TDA/TDP that you could Create and Alter Oracle Stored Procedures, but you can’t execute them - at least not from the Editor or from an Automation ‘Execute Script’ activity.

Why is that?


Running the exact same command in Toad for Oracle, SQL*Plus, Benthic’s Golden, etc. all work fine - but not TDP.

Is your connection the same in both Toad for Oracle and TDP?

Yes; in fact Toad for Oracle was installed after TDP, and imported TDP’s connection for this particular database.

I can execute proc in block in the editor. This works fine. We just don’t support any SQL*Plus commands and perhaps that is what you are using.


:P_ORDER_ID := 1234;

:P_DISCOUNT := 10;



Hi Debbie,

That was the issue. EXEC/EXECUTE in SQL*Plus is short hand for ‘BEGIN END;’ - I’m just so used to all my tools using that syntax it didn’t occur to me that TDP might not support it.