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Stored Procedures

I have a requirement to develop an Oracle stored procedure in Toad DP.
I am struggling to find the usual support tools that exist in standard Toad and SQL Developer for writing and debugging PL/SQL. For example if the proc fails to compile I can see the error but no indication which line caused the error. Not very useful.
Am I missing an extension or do i need to switch on a setting somewhere for this type of development?

Urgent help required.
All replies appreciated.

Hey Asif. The concept of Toad Data Point was created to aid business/data Analysts, not Dev or DBAs. So, you won't find some of what you're looking for in TDP... Toad for Oracle is the product that caters to developers and DBAs, and you would be able to debug, profile, and performance tune your PL/SQL objects with ease there. TDP does not have debugging of PL/SQL, for example, because that is a very uncommon use case for data analysts.

That said, TDP does allow for creating/modifying stored packages/procs/functions, and can even highlight the line item/s where (compile) issues are occurring (see snap below) but you're right... there's no way (that I know of) to get TDP to point to the offending line of code from the corresponding error message, like Toad/Oracle can.

Hi Gary
Thanx for your response.

Thats a shame because I did expect TDP to fully support the basic TOAD functionality that TOAD is renowned for and then build on top of that.

I have been using TDP in a Data Migration setting and its has been very good at connecting to the different data sources. However, I now have a requirement for a stored proc and the support is abysmal. In fact the error highlightedin your screenshot is actually from the editor which is capable of detecting syntax errors. If you have a logical error such as an incorrect table name in a cursor the editor will not detect it. The compiler will issue an error message in the bottom window but there will be nothing in the top window to show where it is. Very poor considering that its bread and butter functionality for the cheaper standard TOAD. How much effort is involved in displaying a line number as part of the error message?

What is someone in my situation expected to do now? I cant ask my employer to buy standard TOAD having paid for the premium version. I could soldier on with TDP and take years to develop the proc or switch to the free SQL Developer.

I am sure that the Dev team has already noted your request to consider for future enhancement (to highlight the offending code line corresponding to the error message).

Toad products have always been built by offering capabilities that go deep for specific personas, and by database. TDP is the exception in that it allows connections to many different data sources, but still focused on the Analyst persona.