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TDP 5.3.0 failures: Quick export to active cell , Data compare of query results

1st time a TDP upgrade failed on these features I often use. Quick export to Excel results in 'Object does not match target type. Export is cancelled.'

Right-click on query results prompts selection of other query results to compare then nothing happens.
Large # of TDP upgrades occurred at my company and every one may be encountering these issues. As noted, all prior TDP versions I've used worked flawlessly in the past. Please help. Thanks

Hey Michael,

Is it possibly the case that MS Office on your workstation got recently upgraded? Reason for asking is that when working with Excel and even flat files, TDP needs the Microsoft Database Access Engine to be present, and this Engine package needs to have the same bitness as your MS Office component install. See, for example, a recent Support KB article here:

If the above doesn't resolve the issue, then please open a Support ticket so that we can adequately track and document the issue.