strange error in TOAD data point 3.2- MS Excel

After I run a sql query and I have results return, when I try to send to the report, I get the follow message:

Attempt to access invalid address.

Please confirm Microsoft Excel has been installed on this system.

It has appeared on several PC. Initally it work fine, then it acts up. I have the software reinstalled, corrected the issue temporarly, but has returned. Using Excel 2010.

Any suggestions???

It looks like you Excel installation has been affected and TDP cannot load some components.

I’d suggest completely re-installing TDP and Excel.

If it’s not help then try the latest TDP 3.6.1 and check if it fixes the issue.



We used to require that a TDP user install the Primary Interops in order to use the Quick Export. But the later versions of Excel including 2010 now include them. Still it seems that your issue has to do with finding those interop files. These files are only needed for the Quick Export. As a slightly slower work around you could right click on the grid and send to Export Wizard. Here you have a few more options to choose from but still can export to Excel file or Excel instance.