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TDP Beta feedback


The new website is, while nice, very confusing - there is no TDP Beta category anymore where one could post feedback. Previous posts can only be queried on, under Archives.
Does that mean there is now only one beta program open, for Toad for Oracle ?



You can find the individual beta posts pinned at the top of each product category. You can reply to these posts for specific feedback on each build.

The current TDP beta program topic can be found here;

We have multiple beta programs running at any given time.


Thank you but this remains confusing as Toad for Oracle Beta is its own category and all others seem to be pinned posts.

Would be easier for users to search and post into individual beta categories.


Thanks for your input, we appreciate it.

Currently the idea is to post replies directly into beta threads to ensure feedback is specific. With the old forums, it was very easy for posts to become irrelevant because you’d lose the context of what beta the post was referring to. We hope to avoid this confusion.

Agree that having a toad for oracle beta category alone might add to the confusion. We’re still working through our options and will adjust as we move forward.