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TDP connection closed state

For some reason we're seeing more errors with connections that are not in a closed. These processes however are running under windows task scheduler so they are not in the IDE and should not be impacted by any other connection states. We've seen connections time-out in the IDE that require reconnecting, but how is this occurring on a compiled automation script?

Exception Messages:
TdConnection is not open. ("password-resets.csv" into a new table db.password_reset_emails)
TdConnection is not in the closed state.

Curious about this... recently started getting TdConnection is not open error on larger ETL processes.

That is what we're troubleshooting and it started happening on processes that have been in place for several years. Our extractions are often in the millions. It's unclear whether a bug creeped into a release, but we've tried system to system query in place of write-to-file and neither is working so we're attempting other export formats. Perhaps something is timing out or not reconnecting when it's supposed to, but we're still looking for answers. If we learn anything on our own or through Quest we'll post it here.

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I would recommend that you contact support on this one so we can open an issue and start diagnosing.

You can reach out to me directly at if you have challenges opening a support issue

Is this after moving to a cloud based solution? That's when ours started.

No, we're just working with the desktop client. Just had a call with Quest today who is troubleshooting the matter now.

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Do you have a support issue you can reference?