TDP Expert Consultant?


New guy here.

I recently stumbled into TDP and I believe it is the exact tool we have long been looking for to automate some Excel report generation and distribution functions in our business (we are an accounting firm).

We are setting up a relational database in Azure SQL with clean/normalized data and we need to run calculations using such data in Excel template reports, which should run automatically on a timely fashion and be delivered by email or copied to Dropbox. If I understand correctly, TDP could do all of this for us.

I would like to engage someone who is a TDP expert to consult if TDP can in fact do all we are looking for and to help us with the implementation of the described automation process.

I would appreciate if someone could point me in the direction of such an expert consultant or tell me where to look for one. We are not looking for a training course, but rather for an expert to do the work for us.

Thank you!

Your description certainly sounds like what other customers have done hundreds of times over with SQL and other platforms. A Quest consultant can at least give guidance to make sure you're on the right track. Sent you a direct e-mail in order to get your name and organization that you're affiliated with. Once we get that, we can point you to the proper resource.

As gary says, with tdp, you can do what you need and so much more !