TDP exporting to a specific sheet within an Excel Workbook Using automation

I am attempting to build an automated report that updates a specific worksheet in Excel on a daily basis. All the while maintaining the other existing worksheets. I have followed Debbie’s article Automate Complex Excel Reports at

I have successfully managed to get the export to work; however, during the process my remaining worksheets are lost. I was under the impression that this was possible to do with TDP 3.6. Can anyone perhaps provide some insight on how to accomplish this?


Make sure you unchecked the overwrite box (see screen shot attached).

Did unchecking the overwrite option resolve?

Yes, I verified that I had unchecked the overwrite. Still not working as expected.


Looks like you ran into a bug. When you add the date suffix to the file it does not use the original file. I entered QAT-5683 to fix in TDP 3.8.

For now take the suffix off. You can use the Copy file to add the suffix. Or you can use the Export Wizard activity. This does the same thing but does not have the error.

I thought this was resolved. Still seeing the same issue. Have I perhaps missed the release of TDP 3.8? Please advise.

Greg, you need to do this in two steps. 1. update the base file (do not change the name with a date suffix). 2. after the export is done and the base file has been updated. Then copy the file to a new name with the date suffix. The only thing that should change on the base file is the last updated date, don’t change the file name of the base file, ever. A non-existant file name logically means you are creating a new file not updating an existing one.

QAT-5683 is marked fixed for TDP 3.8. This version is due to be released Dec 2. Did you try the Beta?…/