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Cannot use Excel pivot table template in TDP3.4

I converted a .tas automation file to run in TDP 3.4. One of the outputs is an Excel file based on a pivot table template as described in your video:

My template has 2 tabs: PivotSheet and DailyData. The Select to File advanced option has Worksheet Name: ‘DailyData’ identified and Clear Worksheet data checked (or not checked; I tried both ways). ‘Start export at’ = A1. The PivotSheet has the pivot table based on the DailyData. The excel pivot table option to refresh upon opening is set.

When it runs in TDP 3.3 or 3.4, it generates the excel file to the DailyData tab but the Pivotsheet is lost.

Is this lost functionality, or am I missing a parameter somewhere?

I just tested this and it seems okay to me in TDP 3.4. i would first check and make sure that the Excel files is not being overwritten. If this is the case you will loose the Pivot and will have to rebuild the template excel file with the pivot. This fits the description of what you are running into.

I also did notice, that is you built the automation script using TDP 3.2 you may run into an upgrade issue. there is a simple work around for this issue but you did not mention that you ran into this.

If things still persists, you can attach your automation and excel files and we can take a look.

Thanks for opening my eyes on the ‘Overwrite’ option. I see that if that is checked, it overwrites the file completely, as opposed to overwriting just the desired worksheet.

Tested and it works fine. Great feature, by the way.

Glad to hear that is resolved. BTW, there is a ClearWorsheet option in the advanced options of the select to File if that is what you are looking for.