TDP & Netezza Synonyms

Hello all!

Ok, so with assistance I am now able to see all of the Synonyms in a Netezza schema/db - however, I am unable to view the underlying SCRIPT for them (as one would a View) - I can do this in Aginity by selecting SCRIPT > DDL TO QUERY WINDOW. I do not see any such options in TDP - I had expected to see a SCRIPT tab, as I do with Views.


Now I am able to see all of the Synonyms

Did you ever get a solution to this? I’m having the same issue of not being able to view the synonym DDL.

No, we have not implemented this. We are waiting on approval from product management to write a custom provider for Netezza. So, far it hasn’t happened.

@Debbie - so I’m a bit confused. You have a clear gap in the product requirements (keeping in mind that AGINITY already provides this functionality), who in Product Management is sitting around on their tail ends not doing anything? I don’t understand why there would be such a delay. We’re going on almost 3 months now with this issue. I’d like to hear from the person/s in Product Management that are not moving on the issue - I’d like to hear their rationale for letting this product lapse behind a competitor …

If they don’t want to post in a public forum, PM me their email and I have no issue with contacting them directly. Their lack of movement creates an impediment to me doing MY job with the tool I would PREFER to use. I would also think that THEIR managers would want to know about the issue and how they are letting their product fall behind …