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Are you using Toad Data Point with Netezza?

Hi everyone,

I am doing some research into our connectivity with Netezza. If you are using Toad Data Point with Netezza and can spare a few minutes to write me an email providing feedback on your experiences? Or if you would prefer and you and have the time, I can schedule a quick call and get your feedback on the phone. Just email me at I can even send you a free Toad T-shirt [:)]

Thanks very much for your help!

Julie Hyman

Sr. Product Manager

Dell | Quest Software

We are using TOAD Data Point with Netezza!!!

I just downloaded the trial to test this use case out. I’m also testing SQuirreL, Aginity Workbench for Netezza, and WinSQL.

SQuirreL has a Netezza specific plug-in and uses JDBC. Aginity is built for Netezza and uses ODBC. WinSQL is an all-purpose client that uses ODBC. I haven’t run into any glaring flaws with any of the clients yet.

Hi Julie!

I’m trying to use it, but getting an error at this point -…/54040.aspx

Hi Julie,

We are using Toad Data Point for Netezza.


Although Toad Data Point 4.0 seems to be much slower on Netezza connections than previous versions

We found that some ODBC connections did not support multi-threading so we added a feature to disable multi-threading. In TDP 4.0 multi-threading is turned off by default. Turn this back on and see if that gives you better performance. The option is on the Advanced tab of the connection.


That is a little faster.