TDP V4.2 and higher -Automation Script exporting to Excel issue

I have a automation script with multiple select statements and the output gets saved into a single workbook -multiple sheets. I would like to rename the sheets and don’t see an option to do in under Select to File activity -Export Options or Export Wizard template options. I am using TDP 4.3 version.

Please advise

Perhaps an easier way to do this is to create one Export task with multiple individual exports that append each result set to the same Excel workbook. That way, you can name the worksheets anything you like. See snaps below. Hope this helps. Bring up the Export wizard
e.g. Tools-> Import Export Data-> Export Wizard
and when you are all done adding your individual extracts, make sure you save your work into an Export template file for use later on in your automation job.

Gary, it works!, thanks for your help. So instead of Select to File I am using Export Wizard in my automation scripts now.

Thanks again