Toad Data Point Automation Renaming sheets

I am currently working on automating a report in Toad Data Point Automation, I used the process of combining multiple scripts into one in order for toad to export the results into multiple Excel sheets.
The sheets are named Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4, I created a template for the result to be exported. this is just a blank Excel sheet with the sheet renamed and has a Summary sheet as the first main page.
There are 110 script in total which means the renamed sheets are 110 total.

I have managed to set up the automation script and it run just fine but the only issue is that the result does not seem to export the data, although the automation script run with success without error but it does not export data as expected.

Solution needed:

I want the result to export each query result into each Renamed sheets in the Excel template file I created (Renamed 1, Renamed 2, etc...) and skipping the Summary sheet during the automation.
This is what I have done