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TDP Workbook opening files

Since upgrading to, I'm noticing that if I open a workbook file by browsing to the Windows folder and double-clicking the file, it will open TDP workbook but will not open the file itself. So then I have to open the file from within Toad and it opens successfully. Is this a bug or could there be something else causing this issue?


Hi Steve,

I apologize but this is a bug. We have it in our queue and should have it fixed within one of the next upcoming releases. The temp workaround is to start Toad Data Point Workbook first and then open the file.

Hi Julie, thanks for confirming. When is the scheduled date for the next release?

Hi Steve - the next release is Toad Data Point 5.5 scheduled for first week of October. I don't think this fix will be in that release though - probably more likely to be in a 2022 Q1 release.

Hi Julie, it doesn't appear this issue was fixed in 5.6. Will it be corrected in the next release?