Team coding performance with GIT

Hi Team,I have started working on team coding feature of toad to integrate our project code to Git repo.I see there are performance issues.

Please note that we are trying to use team coding feature to checkin all our code to git repository.We dont have any repo yet.This is the first time creation.

1.While cretaing team projects,I selected tables,views,procedures..(all the objects that we work on ).I checked for creating a new VCS revision as this is a fresh repo creation.
This almost took a day but still didnt finish creating vcs version.

2.I wanted to explore more so i have cancelled the above process and just created the team project for views.
At this point when i check out object it also does some time to just check-out.

Along with all this,toad performance overall has been degraded for this schema.

could you please advise me in dealing with these performance issues.We need to finish the poc and move this soon to production.

Hi Mounika,

This question has come up from a few others on the forums previously. Most of the time, the large performance decrease can be attributed to anti-virus software installed on the user's machine with real-time scanning. One way you can address this is by whitelisting both the Git command-line client application, as well as both your local Git repository folder and Toad's application data folder. In both folders, files are constantly being added, changed, and sometimes removed. With real-time scanning enabled, those files are constantly scanned any time a change is happening which slows down the VCS's performance. You can read a bit more about some of these issues in the following links, or by searching for this issue among the Toad for Oracle forum. It's something we've heard reports for both Git as well as Subversion clients, but I would suspect it'd happen for others as well.

The other potential issue is that Toad will call the command-line client multiple times to query specific information it needs to manage database objects between the database and the VCS; however, it should not take a day to create a revision. I would check your anti-virus software to make sure that you have the Git command-line client application as well as these locations whitelisted so it doesn't need to scan them every time they're accessed.

Please feel free to let us know if this helps fix the issues you're seeing, and thanks for asking your question on here!


Thanks John for quick response,I will check these things and come back.

Also, can you please let me know is this the best approach for first time setup(Creating new vcs revision )? As we have thousands of objects in each object type.
Curious to know if any other approach might be there and I'm missing it out.

Hi Mounika,

Ideally, creating a new VCS revision upon setup is the best way to go if it's possible. That way, you have at least one revision for the database objects within the VCS. However, I can understand that if you have thousands of objects you're versioning, it can take a while to process that initial revision.

One other approach is that you can do the revision in stages. Instead of creating an initial revision for the entire database from the Team Coding Configuration window, you can manually create revisions in stages by right-clicking on the project or schema node within the Team Coding Manager and selecting "Create new revision in the VCS" from the popup menu. This way, you can focus on the schemas that you work in most often and slowly move to the more static schemas later.

I hope this information helps. Please feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can do!