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Teamcoding - which grants are required?


we are using TOAD 14.0.75 for Oracle in a 19c Database with git as VCS.

There we have created a schema that should act as central Teamcoding schema(Schema-Name: TOAD_TEAM_CODING).

Initially TOAD_TEAM_CODING has had DBA rights. As DBA we have installed Team Coding and have added a first project.

Then we have assigned TC_ADMIN_ROLE to TOAD_TEAM_CODING and have removed DBA rights.

Now we are not able to add any new projects because TOAD_TEAM_CODING doesn't see any other schemas in the select schema dialog.

Does the user need any additional roles/grants?

TOAD Roles

No additional schemas shown:

Thanks a lot!

Hey Cord,

The user/schema in which the Team Coding objects reside doesn't itself need to have the TC_ADMIN_ROLE role. Instead, it's better to have a user who normally has DBA to also have the TC_ADMIN_ROLE role. Team Coding uses a public synonym to resolve the Team Coding objects, so any user with DBA and TC_ADMIN_ROLE roles can administer the Team Coding projects.

Team Coding administrators need to not only be able to view users/schemas in the database but also be able to list all the objects in those schemas. As a result, if you wanted a user to have the TC_ADMIN_ROLE role and not have DBA, you'd still need to grant permissions for that user to be able to select on dba_users as well as query the list of objects in those schemas.

I hope this helps,


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Hi John,

thank you for explaining this.

Best Regards