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TeamCoding - workflow of releasing object on production

Hi to all,

I have successfully managed to implement Toad Team Coding with GIT, but I want to go further. For that reason, I am curious to find the best practice or someone else user experience on what to do next.
I have read about Toad DevOps, we also have Jenkins but guys from DevOps team are not so happy because they need to use powershell (they are *nix guys)...

So seems we need something else... Idea is that after developer push object to the GIT, DB admin review it and then release it on a production server. Any suggestions are welcome.


Hi Niko,

If it helps your DevOps team at all, we do have a Jenkins plugin for TDT. It still requires a Windows box behind the scenes, but it may provide a more comfortable interface for them. It doesn't require Powershell experience as it handles any necessary Powershell scripting behind the scenes. They can find the Jenkins plugin here:

As for the rest of your question (best practices for releasing objects to production), that's usually company and/or site specific and usually differs based on company processes. Some people use Compare/Sync features in Toad/TDT to create sync scripts to apply to production. Others may have different processes. I'll let that open to others to respond on what process they've found works best for them.