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The ability to change the font size for Connection Manager and Object Explorer

Request from customer:

It's possible to change the font size for the Editor, however, currently it's not possible to increase the size if the fonts in the Navigation Manager, Connnection and Object Explorer. Increasing the DPI size of windows, or using a different skin hasn't helped. Please allow the ability to increase font size for these.

Was this ever addressed? I would also like to be able to increase the font size in more than just the editor.

Hi Thomas,
which build are you on currently? Scaling actually used to work until 5.1.2 release of TDP although we have not officially supported DPI over 150%.

I am running Toad for IBM DB2 (64-bit). I'm a relatively new user of Toad, so it could be that I'm just missing something.

You could ask our Quest support to send you a build pre 7.1.2 - for example 7.1 or 7.1.1 or older.
In these builds scaling would supposedly work much better. I think it's worth a try.