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The table <table Name> can not be mapped (Cross DB Query)

I have been humming along with a Cross DB Query connecting two separate SQL DB and a workbook. When I added in three new database table joins I got the following error: The table CompanyName.dbo.TableProperty can not be mapped. I have no idea why this is the case. the Join is a

Left Join (Select alias.Value from Table1 join table 2 on = table Where = 1) alias on alias.eid = master.eid

I tried just running this query by itself and I get the same error. The table cannot be mapped.

Any ideas?

Did you add the extra join operators by hand, or allow the Query Builder to craft the query for you?

I'm far from a SQL syntax expert, but at first glance here, there might be an issue with how you're aliasing... that is, you're left-joining a derived table, but "alias" is also used in the derived table definition, and also in the join operator. Try leaving some of the alias names out, or use different names to see if it helps.

It resolved itself.